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Sending and receiving emails can be a quick and easy way to communicate. Even people who live in countries thousands of kilometres away can receive your message in seconds.
However there are some guidelines we should follow - both for being polite and for keeping ourselves safe online.

Watch the short videos below and see if you can think of some good emailing rules too.

Emailing the Safe Way
Email Etiquette

Learning about Emailing.

  1. Share what you know about EMAILS.
  2. Click here to look at Parts of an Email
  3. Learn from Arthur how to write an email here
  4. Discover the differences between a letter and an email here. Find the answers here.
  5. Proofread an email here. Find the correct answers here.
  6. Assessment - Test your knowledge here.

Rules for Emailing – Email Etiquette

  1. Always check your spelling and fix capital letters and full stops before sending your email.
  2. Keep your messages short and to the point.
  3. Use sentence case. USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS LOOKS AS IF YOU'RE SHOUTING. Using all lowercase letters looks very lazy.
  4. Remember that e-mail isn't private. Never write anything in an email that you wouldn't put on a postcard. Someone might forward that e-mail on, so other people could see what you've written.
  5. Use the subject line to tell what the email is about. Eg. Birthday invitation
  6. Don't forward chain letters on even if they tell you to.
  7. Don’t forget to sign off with your name that people know, not a nickname they mightn’t recognise.
  8. Report any email to a teacher or parent that makes you feel uncomfortable, upset or angry. eg. It might contain hateful messages, swear words or threats. Don’t delete! Keep a copy of the email to show an adult and keep as evidence.
  9. Don’t send pictures of yourself in an email. You don’t know who that person might send it on to.
  10. Don’t open emails from people you don’t know – it could be a scam or a virus or someone trying to steal your information.

Watch the Movie - 'Bad Netiquette Stinks'
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Play the Internet Safety Hangman Gamehangman.JPG

Task 1:
Grade 5 and 6
  1. Write an email explaining what you are planning to do for your Book Trailer. What book are you promoting? How do you intend to present it? Have you got any good ideas?
  2. Spell Check or edit carefully (See Check Spelling button in Compose email.)

Grade 3 and 4
  1. Write an email to a friend telling them what you enjoyed most doing during the holidays
  2. Tell about your pet – its name, what type/breed, how old, what it eats, what you enjoy doing with your pet etc.

Task 2:
  1. Write a list of helpful rules for safe and courteous emailing.
  2. Email your list of rules to Mrs N. (Poor Mrs N!)


Task 3:
Create a poster to show you understand one of the rules of safe emailing.

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